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About Us

Daniel Group is an interdenominational ministry, working under the covering of “Christian Bridge of the Aid” Foundation.

Brief history

The beginnings of our initiative go back to December 2000. It was the distorted anti-Israeli media coverage of the Intifada flaring up in the land of Israel in the fall of 2000 that made us establish contacts with several Christian organizations and churches. We invited them to join a statement of solidarity with Israel on the basis of Biblical principles and faith. The joint declaration was presented to the Ambassador of Israel.Our joint statement wished to be a message not only to the State of Israel but also to the Jewish Commuity in Hungary and to the Hungarian society at large.

Spiritual foundations

We beleive that the regathering of the Jewish people from the dispersion and the foundation of the State of Israel signifies a turning point in the history of Salvation. The return from the “galut” is a prophetic sign for us that the promises and prophetic scriptures of the Bible regarding the rebirth of Israel (there are over 300 such passages in the Bible) are in fulfilment and God indeed has NOT rejected his ancient people, the Jews.

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